Monday, July 30, 2018

Wait Upon The Lord & He Shall Renew Your Strength

Wait upon the Lord and he shall give you strength. Isaiah 40:31a. It has been my life verse for years and it is a verse I hold very close to my heart. Some people get new verses each years, some it varies. But mine has stayed the same. Whatever the reason is, I'm clinging to God's words. I'm clinging to God. I've seen God's provision time and time again. He is faithful when I call, even when I stumble along in my own knowledge before asking Him for help. God is gracious and He is my source of strength.

A life lived with Jesus isn't an easy one, but it is worth it. Every step is worth it. A relationship with Jesus is unlike any other. When you're stumbling, when you're too tired to go one, when life has pulled you down, turn to Jesus. He'll lift you up on wings like eagles. He'll refresh your spirit. He'll give you His strength. He is faithful in all things. Big and small.

Just think of how wonderful it is to have a relationship with someone who cares for you. It may be a parent, a sibling, a significant other, a best friend. As amazing as the times you have with them are, the love you feel, the memories you have created together, that person is still human and at some point will let you down. They still have faults. They will still let you down. This isn't meant to minimize the relationship we have with our fellow man. We need these people in our lives. God put them there for a reason. But this illustration is, rather, to maximize the relationship you can have with your Lord and Savior. He isn't human. He's God. He won't let you down. He had infinite strength, amazing love, endless grace, tender mercies. He is perfect. So perfect man cannot fully comprehend his nature. It blows my mind.

Walk with God. Lean on His love. Wait upon the Lord and He shall renew your strength.  <3

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