Tuesday, July 11, 2017

If the days of the week were people...

I was looking through writing prompts and decided to not only do one myself but challenge my friends to do it as well. We were to describe the days of the weeks as people. If you haven't done it already, I encourage you to do so. Its fun! I'd love to read what you come up with so you can either post in the comments of my G+ post or my Facebook post or tag me in yours. Enjoy!

Sunday - Golden curls and bright blue eyes. A smile sweet and tender. Tall and full of grace. Her arms are always open and her embrace filled with comfort. When she sings, her voice carries like an orchestra. 

Monday - He’s a tired soul, constantly being pulled left and right. His brown curls fall rebelliously across his dark brow. The dark brown eyes hold mystery and untold emotion. He steels his emotions, ready for whatever comes his way. His hands are thrust in his jeans and he pulled his hoodie over his head, trying to be invisible.

Tuesday - She a redhead, full of spirit and joy. Her green eyes shine of promise. Her confidence radiates and everyone wants to be her friend. She makes a plan and executes it with precision, always ready for the next thing.

Wednesday - He’s got a grey soul, filled with more trials than triumphs. His days are spent sitting in his rocker on the front porch. It creaks as he rocks, watching as everyone pass him by. His smile is turned upside down but there is a spark of optimism in his hazel eyes when he is wished a good day or given a hello. Only then does he raise a wrinkle hand and wave good wishes in return.

Thursday - He’s a stressed fellow with poor time management. His black hair is tousled from endless combing with his fingers. His t-shirt is coffee stained from the constant spills. He moves too fast to keep things orderly. His thoughts go from begging the weekend to begin and wishing he had a few more days. 

Friday - She’s a party in a small package. Caramel highlights color her black hair. Her dark skin shows her love for the sun. Her smile tells of victory over a long week. The flame in her eyes tell of the fun she’s about to have. In the corner of her smile, mischief dances. She’s gonna have a good time and nothing’s going to get in her way. Music blares around her and she can’t help but dance. 

Saturday - Grey waves frame her weathered face. Dark brown eyes stared back at me. The sparkled with a hope of a new tomorrow. She smiled, creating wrinkles by her mouth and eyes. It was a gentle smile, filled with years of memory. Though her body may be slow she does everything with purpose.