Monday, February 20, 2017

"My Greatest Adventure" and "Nature's Song"

"My Greatest Adventure"
It only took one glance
To set my heart in motion
It only took a second smile
To steal my heart completely

You have a hold so tender
Breaking down my walls
You have a way with words
Sending warmth into my soul

Through the tides of time
You are forever constant
You reassure me with truth
And wash away my fears

You tell me that you love me
As if there were no tomorrow
You place stars in my sky
And bring sun into my world

With every day that passes
I fall in love again
My greatest adventure
Is a life loved with you

"Nature’s Song"
Blue sky above
Red earth below
Trees up high
Rivers down low

Flowers kissed
With gentle rain
Birds shall sing
Of spring again

Mountains rise
With majestic pride
Rivers flow
With rocks to guide

Waterfalls glimmer
In summer’s heat
A herd of deer dance
To nature’s beat