Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Learning about Jade Sparks

Thanks to my good friend, P.H. Alexandra, who interviewed me. <3

When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was in Kindergarten, when I was 5. My mom thought it was important for us to write every day, whether it was random thoughts, stories, or poems.

What's your favorite genre to write?
I love writing western and modern adventures, historical fiction, and some futuristic.
Would you say there's a theme that reoccurs a lot in your writing?
Yes, there is definitely a lot off adoption and forgiveness in my books. My first three have both elements in them. A lot of my others also deal with strain between parents and the kids. I take a lot from my personal life and put twists in them so that it is realistic.

Which character of yours do you identify most with?
Malcolm, which I find funny because I’m not an orphan… I was adopted, but mine was a good match. We both are loyal, stubborn, hot tempered, passionate, and lost. I put so many of my insecurities in him, and my deepest emotions.

Do you think most of your characters have a trait in common?
Oh definitely. They are all super stubborn.

How many writing projects do you work on at one time?
I try to focus on one but usually it is two. However, the second is usually only worked on when I have writer’s block on the main project.

What helps you write the most?
Word Wars have helped tremendously, soundtracks that are darker and mysterious sounding, and friends I can freak out with about my story.

Do you listen to music while you write?
Oh yes, and I usually write best when it is classical and soundtracks.

Do you like collaborating with writing?
Yes, I have actually completed two collective novels with a good friend of mine.

What do you find most helpful in a critique?
Whether or not the reader likes it and the flow of the story is usually what I tend to look for in critiques.

What do you think is the most important element in a book?
The characters. If the characters are dull, the book is…at least that’s how I feel. I love character development and mannerisms and stuff like that.

Do you have advice that you would give to a new writer?
Don’t quit. Write even when it’s hard. Write anything and everything. And don’t stop.
Do you mind showing people unfinished work?
I don’t mind if they are my close friends and family.

Have there been any books that really inspired you to write?
Oh definitely. Joan Lowery Nixon’s Orphan Train Adventures inspired me to write New York’s Shadow. The Orphan Train Movement has very little information and less books written about it, and seeing she made a series on it, made me want to write a book of my own so that the movement can be better known.

What do you do when you have writers block? 
Watch movies and read books hoping something will spark inspiration. Or I get a friend and write with them.

If you went on a getaway to write somewhere, where would you go?
Somewhere where there are no people, lots of flat land, and you can see blue skies for miles.

Do you prefer picture prompts or sentence prompts for writing? 
Sentences, because they evoke more emotion in me than pictures do.

What's your favorite thing to describe in your writing?
I love describing nature and actions.

Have you ever asked someone if you could base a character off of them?
No. My characters are mostly based off of different ways I see myself or the type of men I wish there were, the type of mentor I wish I had.

Do you have a regular critique group?
No, the only ones that critique my work are family and friends (including the OYAN community)
What's your favorite thing to do after writing?
Read, and then write some more.

What gives you the most new ideas?
Either a really good book or movies with amazing character development and interactions.

What is the most common hobby for your characters to have? 
Horseback riding and getting into trouble.

What is a writing resource that has helped you?
Um, well any book really, including the thesaurus and dictionary. I did a curriculum called IEW that helped a lot and OYAN has given me some new ideas too that have helped some.

Do you prefer keyboard and computer or pencil/pen and paper?
Usually with my novels, I prefer my laptop because my fingers will type faster than my hand can write and then I like pen and paper when I write poetry. I can’t stand the sound of a pencil on paper, for what reason, I do not know…

Have you ever hosted a writing contest?
No, unless the iPod challenges on the OYAN forum count, because I held one of those.

Have you ever been to an OYAN Summer Workshop?
No, I haven’t.

Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Tea, and I prefer it has caffeine in it.

If you could only eat one food while you wrote, what would you choose?
Sandwich or soup, they make me feel like I’m back in time.

Do you have a favorite color of pen?

Do you like your pencils sharp or dull?
I don’t like pencils at all really, I hate the sound they make on paper.
Do you know of any good writing blogs?
Um, writing blogs…not really.

Do you see writing as a possible future career? 
Yes I do, and I certainly hope and pray it is. But I’m going wherever God guides me.