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A Thief's Honor -orphan train book 1 - novel - completed
Providing for a family is a heavy weight for a thirteen year old boy. While struggling to make ends meet, Malcolm finds himself forced to choose between his family's well being and his moral compass. 
Thrust into the world of New York pickpockets during the 1850s, Malcolm battles to hold onto what is dear. Guilt and fear prey upon him until he believes that while there may be one last chance to save his family, he was passed the point of no return. The only way to save his family means doing the thing he feared most, losing them. A whirlwind of circumstances take Malcolm in and out of places he never thought he'd be. Through it all, Malcolm must learn the true purpose of family, the value of forgiveness, and what it means to have unshakeable faith. 

[Untitled] - orphan train book 2 - novel - completed
For James O'Connell, love is a concept without definition. He has seen it used in so many ways he doesn't know what is true. How can love hurt and heal? What is a young boy supposed to do when everything he cares for is taken away? The idea of earning love and being good enough is ingrained into his brain. It is the only that gives him purpose. But it's exhausting. Futile. And the outcomes are less than desirable. Some say love is free. A gift. Unconditional. But all he has known is conditions. What happens when a soul stops fighting for love and simply resigns to surviving?

[Untitled] - civil war novel - in progress
Description coming soon.

Tamed Yet Wild - novel - completed
As rambunctious country girl, Joanna Walker, has a deep love of horses. She experiences wild adventures, sudden tragedies, and a deep romance. What would she accomplish with those adventures? Would she ever mend from those tragedies? How would her romance end?

Looking for Truth - novel - completed
Geoffrey Fisher has made up his mind to find his father’s murderer and take revenge. After the loss of his mother, his world starts to crumble. He is rejected and immediately judged as a troublemaker. With a heart full of hatre, agony, and questioning, he enters a new household. Although he was put into a family of loving people, Geoff is determined to be a man and live his life alone. Can his guardians convince him that God has a plan for him? Can they save him from the wrong path of life? Will Geoffrey ever find the truth of life?


  1. Hey Jade!!!! This is Priscilla, I was known as artkrahn on the OYAN fourm, and you were my mentor. I came across your blog the other day, and just wanted to say "Hi" and "Thank you for being my mentor." I still pray for you sometimes, and I still think about the parts of your writing that I've read. I would love to hear from you and how your writing has been going? How's Malcom? Also, I was wondering if you've worked any more on your 'prison story'? I don't remember what it was called, but I think it was about Kane Lewis? Even if I don't remember the names, I really loved that plot. In fact, I toyed around with a story spun off of your synopsis. I would love to hear how your writing on that is going! You can contact me through my website. or you can e-mail me at I would love to hear from you! Praying that the God will fill you with His peace tonight.

  2. Oh wonderful! Thank you so much <3 I definitely shall!

  3. Hi Jade,
    Thought I'd say hi. I'm Author M on the OYAN forum, and I just found your blog. :)
    ~ Molly AKA Author M