Monday, November 28, 2016

Forever Thankful

Thanksgiving for us was small, with two of my siblings, my parents, and my nephew. Mom and I had done some prep work for the meal, but were still in the kitchen Thanksgiving day. We had homeade stuffing, green bean cassarole, dinner rolls (made with lots of butter), strawberry jam, cranberry sauce, sweet potato cassarole, gravy, mash potatoes, pickles, olives, and most importantly turkey. 

During dinner we each shared a couple things we were thankful for. After eating, we enjoyed a much anticipated football game (yay cowboys!), and played many word games. Dessert is a must and we did not hesitate in tasting the pumpkin pie, homemade chocolate creme pie (with an oreo crust), and pumpkin cheesecake. One thing I love about Thanksgiving dinner is that there is always leftovers! 

This year I am thankful for the trials God has allowed me to go through. They have drawn me closer to Him and closer to my friends and family. I am also grateful to the friendships I have. They make me a better me. I am thankful for a job and writing opportunities. This year has been a good one, and I thank God for his protection and guidance through it all.

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving too. God bless. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Exploring Malcolm Haven - A Thief's Honor

Malcolm Haven was born into poverty in New York City during the 1850's. His father was an unemployed alcoholic and his mother took what work she could with a child underfoot. Four years later, his brother, Matthew, was born. With an extra mouth to feed and an alcoholic father that only got worse by the day, any hope of a brighter future was extinguished. Living conditions only worsened and at a young age Malcolm was sent out into the world to find work. His father became more abusive and Malcolm took the bulk of the beatings. When his younger brother was of age, he too began to work odd jobs.

Then an bundle of joy came into the world, a little baby girl. Although it was another mouth to feed, Maylee Haven brought joy to their mother and to Malcolm. She represented all that was good in the world. He called her their angel on earth. It was Maylee and Matthew's future that Malcolm worked hard for as he grew up. Malcolm took the place of their father and shielded them from the abuse at home. His desire to hold up the family was too great and drove him to sacrifice his principles for the sake of providing for his family. 

Malcolm's intense personality is explored throughout his novel and at times leads the story. Growing up in an abusive home, made him desperate for control and have an explosive temper when pushed. He is stubborn and loyal to a fault. Trust was never a strong suit of his, but when it is given, it is near unbreakable. With an abuse father at home, Malcolm connects easier with women and children and often sees men as threats. He is a protector to those without any means of protection because he can relate and never had anyone to protect him from harm. Malcolm appears gruff but deep down he has a caring heart. He sees most people worthy of redemption, save for a handful of his adversaries and himself. His tough mannerisms and slight emotional detachment masks the terrified child within and acts as a safeguard from getting hurt.

Malcolm's novel, currently titled A Thief's Honor, begins when he is fourteen and juggling three jobs. With a rebellious ten-year-old brother and a barely talking toddler sister under his care, Malcolm struggles with teaching them right from wrong. His father is rarely sober and his mother is weak from working day and night and caring for her small children. After intense tragedy,  Malcolm feels his options running out and starts to live a dangerous lifestyle in order to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs. Along the journey, the Children's Aid Society gets involved and Malcolm makes a decision that will change all of their futures.