Monday, September 21, 2015

The Lord has blessed me...

I am truly blessed with such strong women in my life.

God gave me a mother that blows my mind everyday. She is the strongest woman I have ever seen. She has endured so much and I have seen her time and time again get back up and fight again. I have only seen my mom cry a handful of times but she has never let the situation stop her from moving on. She finds hope and strength in God and her faith is inspiring. She never stops loving someone, no matter what they've done. I pray someday I can be just like her. Full of faith. Full of love. And full of hope.

God also gave me a twin sister. She is my world. My inspiration. My joy. Adri is a dedicated athlete and her strength and comittment to whatever sport makes me proud and inspired. She does everything with 110%. When she makes mistakes she'll push harder to do better. Her faith is strong and she shows me how to make a relationship with God more personal. She is kind and loving. When under stress, she might crumble for a moment but she always takes what's in front of her and deals with it. She can put on a smile in the midst of chaos. She stays strong for me, and I am thankful for it. I want to be like her. Strong. Dedicated. And true.

Rain, is my other sister. We aren't blood related but our hearts are connected. She inspires me to take each day with a fresh perspective. Her trials have been similar to mine, and some worse off than mine. She stays strong for me, and pushes herself despite the difficulties some days throw at her. She is cheerful and positive. And I know I can count on her. She gives hope, love, and wisdom to me and I am eternally grateful. I want to be like her. Inspiring. Determind. And honest.

Thank you Jesus for these women and the other women you have put on my life. I pray you give every girl amazing role models as you have given me. Bless each girl and woman in the world today and forever. Amen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Isn't it weird how you can love someone but still not realize how much you truly do until they are gone?

There are hundreds of types or "levels" of love. There is a love of a brother and sister or a sister and sister; a love only twins can have; a love of a parent and their child or a child to their parent; a love between friends; and a love between a husband and wife.

I know I love my parents. Yes, its hard at times when they seem to ask the impossible, correct me, or embarrass me, but at the end of the day I love them. I love my twin sister. She's everything to me. In some ways this love is greater than my love for my parents. This may sound cliche, but she and I are connected at heart. I will get mad at her, and we have out differences, but at the end of the day I love her more and more.  She has my utmost loyalty. I love my brothers way differently then my sister. It is more of a conditional love, I must say, but I love them because they are family and sometimes they are fun. I love my friends. Some on a different level. Some I bear my heart and soul to. Some I give bits and pieces. But I love them all and they have my time, my support, and my friendship.

I don't want to love one a level and then when that person is gone regret not loving them more. Love is hard, but it is what God commanded us to do. You can do all the great things in the world but if you do not love, it is all wasted. Love. That is the purpose God gave us. To love Him and love others. That's something I strive to do.

I know I love all these people, but I usually don't truly understand the level I love them at until something traumatic happens or they are gone. It is in those moments where I want to spend time with them, talk to them, and love them even more. Take a moment and think of the people you love. Are there ways where you can love them more? I know I don't want to take relationships for granted. I want to love with all that I am. I want to love like Jesus.

What about you?