Monday, June 6, 2016

New Chapters

This month is the beginning of a new chapter. I am a high school graduate, semi-employed, eighteen year old in between moving homes. I have no solid plan for the future. But I'm not worried. I don't need a plan. God has one perfectly laid out for me and I am going to follow him in faith.

I am looking forward to summer vacations, hanging out with friends, and the knowledge that I do not have to return to school in the fall. I feel as if my stress levels have lowered and I can full enjoy what everyday has to offer. I do have some goals of the summer. They consist of breakfast in bed, TV from 9am-1am, naps at noon, sitting around the house listening to music, and eating whatever and whenever I want.

I'm just kidding! hahahah. My goal is to finish my novel, since my employment may not start until the fall, I figured I would have enough downtime and vacation time to really buckle down and get to work. I also hope to pick up some babysitting jobs and strengthen friendships through fellowship. This has all been hard while juggling school and sports.

I am also determined to grow a desire to work out. I have a tiny desire inside but my body always says 'no' and I don't do it. Since sports are over, I need to find a way to get active. Running and ab workouts are all I have right now. Thankfully I have friends to keep me accountable.

Now little hobbies I wish to pick up. Writing. Writing. And yes, you guessed it, writing. In addition, I want to work with a punching bag, learn to shoot a handgun and shoot a re-curve bow. These last dreams may take a while but eventually I will have them checked off my bucket list. Perhaps when summer is over, I shall write on how many I actual got done.

What are your summer plans? Dreams? Wishes?