About Me

Dear Reader,

I am a Christian writer, who wants to glorify God with the talent he has given me. The LORD is my inspiration and my rock. He has shown me many things about the world and the many different people in it. Without Jesus, I would be a writer without a pen, staring at a blank page and wondering what to do with it. My favorite things in the world are pens and paper. When you put the two together, wonderful things are created.

My vision is to give kids and young adults clean books and touching poems. There are many books out there for these age groups that certainly should not be there. Why take a child's innocence away when there are many other ways to entertain a child. I wish to help children love history by adding small elements of it into my literature and give teens positive messages. Poetry is not liked by many young teens these days. It saddens me because I so dearly love it. My poetry can be very emotional and eye opening. I have been told that I have an old soul and I believe God gave me it to bring Him praise.

I have written over 50 poems, 4 complete novels, 2 collective novels with a very good friend of mine, and have a novel in progress. I also have plans for several more once these works are completed. My poetry can be seen as often dark, but they are just filled with heavier emotions. Life is not all flowers and sunshine. My novels range from western adventure, forbidden romance, an orphan train rider's tale, a thief's twisted life, an outcast son, and a confused rebel.

Horses have also spurred on my joy of literature. I love horses. God gave me the ability to work with horses. Some people call me a 'horse whisperer' because I have gotten several horses at a ranch to do things they never did with other people. I have been around and worked with horses at the ranch for at least seven years, including being a horseback riding teacher's assistant. In January of 2014, I was bucked of a horse for the first time. I suffered a concussion but am proud to say I continued riding. I was a WIT (Wrangler In Training) for two weeks in the summer of 2014 and 2015. August 14, 2015 I was bucked of the same horse. I again suffered a concussion, but God has helped me through the process. I was bucked off a third time, yes same horse, but I still love her. She'll always be my favorite. I love barrel racing and working on other Gymkhana events

My life is very different now, with no school, no more ballet classes, or any soccer practices. I am getting into golf though with my dad. My days are, for the most part, on my own timetable which gives me tons of freedom but also tests my focus and dedication. I am venturing into making writing my career. After graduating high school, I began searching for publication opportunities, writing contests, and ways to earn money for my work. I am still trying to set a steady routine but which each day my resolve grows stronger and stronger. I babysit/tutor on a weekly basis. I'm an Inspire Christian Writers member had two poems published in the 2017 Inspire Love Anthology and two short stories published in the 2018 Inspire Kindness Anthology. I was blessed to write an article for the Inspire Christian Writer's Blog on character development. Feel free to check it out by clicking on the link here. How to Flesh Out Your Characters

With appreciation,
Jade Sparks