Sunday, May 15, 2016

Love & Memories

The other day, while going through our garage, we came across a kite. It was not just any kite, it was the first birthday gift my dad bought my mom. And that was before they dated, 30 years ago. They thought it was time for it to go, but not without one last flight.

It was sweet to see my parents having fun with the kite. I am not entirely sure why this simple action gave me so much pleasure. Perhaps it was the smile on their faces and the evident love they have for one another. Perhaps it was the fact they did not hesitate in launching the kite into the air and wove up and down the driveway and into the street with no care of how they looked. They did not have to, because it was a scene so beautiful and joy filled.

My parents are truly amazing and I am blessed to have them. They have kept their youth and their humor, filling our house with delightful laughter. They have shared many beautiful memories together and a flight of a single kite showed me how many more will blossom from the years to come.

Their love is inspiring and everlasting and it is something I hope to have in the future. I look on with joy in imagining myself in their shoes many years from now. They have laid down a wonderful example of love and holding onto sweet memories.

After the flight, the kite made its journey into a box, where it shall rest, perhaps another 30 years, until its next flight. It was too precious to let go and the beauty it brought as it spread its wings was too marvelous to be thrown out.