Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Sayings 2

"We authors hate numbers. That's why we only do well in Algebra."

"History is like English, well, its is more a part of English. It is a key to a story. It is a way of unlocking mysteries."

"To write is to open doors you never knew existed."

"If you ask for a novel, I'll write you one with a bit of love, a bit triumph, and a whole lot of desperation. If you ask for a poem, I'm gonna write one with broken hearts, and lonely cries. If you ask for an essay, I'll write one with little facts, some structure, a whole bunch of heated opinions. If you ask me to write a short story, I'm gonna write the creepiest narrative you'll ever read. If you ask me for a speech, I'll give you nothing...except maybe a blank, wide-eyed, stare."

"Some say 'you wear your heart on your sleeve' but honestly, I write it."

"Writing is my first language, speech is my second. Now you can see why I prefer not to mention I'm bilingual."