Sunday, November 30, 2014

New synopsises

I came up with a new synopsis for my main novel.

Love's Protector:

Fighting to survive an abusive, alcoholic father and earn enough money to keep a roof over his families’ head, Malcolm Haven walks the line between right and wrong. When things at home get worse, Malcolm turns to the streets. Life becomes a constant adrenaline rush. Malcolm begins to live on the edge and taunt danger. His cockiness gets the better of him and he is forced down a new path. Will it be for better or for worse? 

And a friend and I are writing an orphan story about Sethyl and Dan Callaghan...we call it

Lion and the Lamb:

A young boy and his little sister fend for themselves after their parents die in a train explosion. After months of telling his sister fairytale of how their parents were on an extravagant trip, the truth comes out and he realizes he wants a different childhood for her than pickpocketing on the streets with him. Taking her to their aunt and uncle's house, he decides to give her a better future, even if it means living with an uncle who abuses him. With an Orphan Train ride in their future and a new beginning with a family, he struggles to hand over the parenting roll and be a child himself.