Saturday, October 6, 2018

God is good. God is faithful.

My sincerest apologies for missing September's blog post. It's was a crazy month and time got the better of me.

For the last week I have been sick and while it is quite miserable being sick, it has been a week of some much needed solitude and rest. I've watched more tv than is probably good for me and slept many more hours than is usual. The best part of resting was the time I had to think and talk with God. There is something about being able to forget life's craziness and just rest in Jesus. He used this time to remind me of couple important lessons.

The first being, that it is okay to ask for help and depend on others. Now I wouldn't call myself an independent woman. A stubborn woman, yes. I don't like being a burden on people. I don't like asking for help when others are already busy. I would rather wear myself to the bone than be an inconvenience. So I am learning to be dependent to a healthy degree. God reminded me of this at the beginning of this week's sickness. He told me to let my family help me so that I use what energy I had to let my body heal. This didn't mean I could be lazy, but rather that I needed to be aware of my limitations and speak up when something was outside of those limits. I'll be honest. It's been hard for me. But God is good and He is faithful.

The second being, don't worry about tomorrow. Did you know stress can actually affect your health? Stress can lower your immune system, which in turn makes you more susceptible to illnesses. When I began to feel sick, I immediately started getting stressed about the things I had to do: work, writing projects, helping out at church, and several events. I had this mentality that "I have to be better by ___". As if I had any control over when I would be better! But God is gracious and He gently reminded me that everything happens in His timing and His timing is good and perfect. So I cancelled stuff, I missed events, I put aside projects, and I rested in Jesus. The other night I caught myself worrying about an event in a few days and I shook my head and said aloud, "I don't need to worry. It's all in God's timing." And that was that. I put it out of my mind and let God take control.

So what important things has God been teaching you? Do you need to learn to be healthily dependent on others? Do you need to stop worrying about tomorrow? Whatever He is teaching you, I pray you cling to Him in all that you do. May you find peace in Him during life's chaos. May you have moments of stillness to think and reflect with Jesus. May you be reminded of all the good things He has done. God bless you, dear reader.