Sunday, April 27, 2014

“Shattered World”

I  lost my innocence
A long, long time ago
I gave up my impotence
To my relentless foe

I knew it was all wrong
And played a sinless girl
I lost where I had belong
Emotions began to swirl

I fought the battle of wills
Got beat down so low
My body shook with chills
I waited for the next blow

The mountain was mine
But only for a second
I was shown my shrine
Quickly I was beckoned

My spirit was no more
There would be no fight
It would no longer soar
I walked from the light

The horizon held no hope
My fate meant nothing
I slid to the end of my rope
The pain was crushing

My shackles cute deep
And I screamed out
I was dropped in a heap
I was caught in doubt

I was beaten and I broke
He was going for the kill
Laughed as I began to choke
Cut me with such skill

One by one, I was frayed
Life swung by a thread
My throat was at the blade
In seconds, I could be dead

Whispering in desperation
I said a simple prayer
I gave up the information
Made my soul bare

My head bowed, it was done
I waited for my sentence
Could have stared down a gun
I would show repentance

Silence stretched on and on
My guard was coming down
Yet no words of my con
Just a piercing, sad frown

I wished for a harsh word
Stripes across my feeble back
Reality was being blurred
My shoulders began to wrack

Sobs I gave of true sorrow
My heart tore so very hard
Sympathy I would not borrow
Was I to be forever scarred?

They gave me forgiveness
Offered warm embraces
There was no stiffness
I was in there good graces

Yet my mind whirled around
I was a prisoner set free
My hands and feet unbound
I uttered an apology

Where did we go from there?
Would life continue to spin on?
Whatever came after I would bear
A price was paid, a battle was won

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“Victory is Mine”

I standing in the roaring wind
Battered and confused
I was free but now am pinned
Cast away and abused

My eyes can no longer see
Blinded and cold
There is no more hope for me
Gone and sold

I march to the executioner’s drum
Defiant and unafraid
I will not feel it for I am numb
Lonely and betrayed

Go ahead and do your best
Stone and jeer
You can beat me like the rest
Tear and spear

I will not satisfy you with a cry
Tough and impenetrable
I know that I am to one day die
Dark and inevitable

I will fight to the last breath
Fierce and strong
Whether to liberty or death
Short or long

I will bruise and bleed
Stagger and fall
But I shall never plead
Surrender or call

But the victory is mine

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Fight

I live in a world with words
Dreams that are my reality
I soar among the birds
Locked away from society

People like to say what I need
Push me out in the world to see
But their word I do not heed
Because inside I am truly free

My hands are in chains
But my heart is not bound
Life has inevitable pains
Yet I fight to be unbound

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

“Depression” is Like a Rain Filled Cloud

Depression is like a rain filled cloud
Large, grey, and ugly
It hovers above in revengeful rage
With its evil silent laugh
Oxygen in lacking
As the cloud lowers quickly
Darkened and heavy
It squeezes all life out
Feeling the victory
The cloud lets out its poison