Thursday, December 29, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

A novel is filled with mystery, heartbreak, love, plot twists, victories, and hope. New characters are introduced and some take their final bow. Each chapter brings something new and sometimes unexpected. Parts are exciting and others are boring, but we read on. We read to find out what happens to each character and to get to that greatly anticipated happily ever after. The same can be said of life.

2016 is almost over and with what few days we have left, we are reminiscing over the past year. It was a hard one, but there were joyful moments and blessings sprinkled among the hardship. This year was a year of change. My brother moved out. My sister and I graduated high school. We finished ballet, horseback riding, and soccer. She started college and I got a job. My grandfather passed away, leaving a large hole in all our hearts. And my father finished his job of near 20 years, to follow God's calling.

While there has been adjustments, grieving, and goodbyes, this year has held tremendous opportunities and fun. I got to visit my grandparents more than I usually do. My family went on vacation to Europe for near a month, as well as traveled to Indiana and Kentucky to visit friends. I was able to spend more time writing my poems and novels. And God helped me grow deeper relationships with my friends and family.

I look on at 2017 with hope. I know it will not be all sunshine and flowers but it will hold great memories. God has a beautiful and perfect plan for this next year and I am excited to see where He guides us. And there is no one else I would rather have writing my story than God.