Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Rainbow

I just returned from a trip of a lifetime. It was my first time flying by myself. Except I really was not alone because Jesus was with me the whole way: walking me through security hold my hand through the loud airports, guiding me to my gate, and right beside me as the plane lifted off the ground to the heavens. Whenever I could feel my heart racing, my hands shaking, and the fear rising inside of my chest, He would whispering in my ear, “I am with you.”
The last week has been one of the best weeks of my life. I spent an entire week with my dear sister, Rain. It was a matter of minutes for me to feel right at home. Although I was a “guest”, I was also family. It was a place I felt safe, loved, and where I could truly be myself, just as I can at my own house. I can now say it is my home away from home. We played games, laughed, talked, did crafts, watched movies, took hundreds of photos and snacked! Rain and I would stayed up late and sleep in as much as we wanted. We even snuck downstairs for a midnight snack. Which, being the responsible people we are, was apple sauce and flavored carbonated water. 
When it came time for me to leave, neither of us were ready. It had been a year since we had last seen one another and a week just flew by. I kept saying “five more minutes” and “I’ll run to make my flight if that is what it takes to have one more minute with you”. We refused to say goodbye, but instead exchanged “see you later”s and “see you soon”s. It is not knowing when we will meet again that is so hard. A year went by before I could make it out to her hometown. It is hard when two souls are so connected but you live on one side of the US and she almost the other. However soon or late it may be we know we shall see each other again someday. And until that day we shall continue waiting, praying, texting, calling, and sending selfies back and forth. I must admit a part of me feel missing. Truth is, I left part of my of my heart in Indiana. But I also took part of her heart home with me.