Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

2015 came to a close last night and 2016 took its first breath. A new year means new beginnings, new opportunities, and new challenges. I am most excited about a new beginning, a clean slate, and fresh me. 2015 was an interesting year and I honestly do not remember much of it...

I remember random things, like my birthday. I turned seventeen but I felt as if I went back to being a kid. Or camping trips this year with my family. I remember my drivers license test, being terrified to the point of tears and then the grown up feeling of being able to drive myself and my sister. There was also horse camp where I made awesome friends, fell in love with two horses, and built my confidence.

The biggest event of 2015 was getting thrown from my horse again. I actually went to the ER this time but had no serious injuries. It was the scariest event of the year, but it gave me an opportunity. It gave me the chance to build trust and lean on God. It also made me build my confidence back up.

Another large part of 2015 was focused on Hope. Finding hope, holding on to hope, and giving hope. Life's tough no matter what the year. Some people get knocked down harder than others and everyone responds differently. I tried to find hope, that light in the middle of the darkness. Jesus is always our light, and our family, friends, and loved ones are too. I searched for reasons to fight on. When I found it, I tried to hold on as tight as I could for the next storm to come. I also tried to be a reason for others to hope.

As we go into 2016, I want to strive for these resolutions. In 2016, I want to become a better sister, a better daughter, a better aunt. I want to be selfless, give all my time to people who matter to me. I also want to become more dedicated to my craft. Writing is a passion, but there are distractions in this world and I want to be focused on the task at hand. Most importantly, I want to grow in my faith. I want to be solidified in Jesus and in God's Word, to have it hidden in my heart and shown in my life.

This day marks the new year. Don't be afraid to change. Be led by the Holy Spirit and enjoy this fresh slate. Keep the fond memories of 2015 as you venture into 2016. Write down your New Year's resolutions so you can be reminded throughout your journey. God be with you all!

Jade Sparks