Sunday, May 31, 2015

Novel Clip

His hand slowly reached down for his gun. Five fingers gripped the black Glock 32. It felt odd at first- the barrel was sleek and the handle rough. With his other hand he circled the barrel lip, smiling to himself. His hand slowly felt each inch of the gun. Releasing the magazine he reloaded the handgun. The click made his eyes dance. Taking the safety off he looked up, his eyes expertly scanning his surroundings. His mind calculated and his ears picked up every noise. His pointer finger slid down to the cool trigger. An itch to let a bullet fly came over him and he raised the firearm. His eye locked on the target, his lips relaxed from its smile and formed a consentrative line. Steadying his adrenaline filled hand with his other he tensed his trigger finger. In a split second he pulled his finger back,  felt the kick and nodded as the target fell. Looking down at the Glock, he let the smile crawl back on his face. It would be his companion for many years. It would be his savior in the violent times ahead. It would be his temptation in the unknown future before him.