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S.O.S. by Katori Morgan

If perfect love casts out all fear, then how come I’m the most afraid in your arms? Yet I shiver from withdrawal in your absence.  Simultaneously cursing the monkey on my back and my flesh.  To cope by way of the vice coaxing you into a coma is to bid demise. Words that used to entice, now slice- away at my self esteem. Diction dipped in profanity erects a monument of insecurity, which solicited your validation to appraise my equity. How can you assume the license to legislate my destiny?  I try to protest but you pull the rope tighter and the knot in my soul fortifies. All that comes out of my mouth are prickly lullabies barely able  to hush the wailing bubbling in my gut. If silence kills will my screams save me? How could my heart betray me? My strength failed me. Every caress weakened my defense until it was too late.  My gates had been breached unbeknownst to me, who was lured by your allure. Captivated by your mystery,  I gave way to captivity. Now 25/8 I’m chased by your patholo

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